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Like many, I drooled over the thought of owning an R32. I watched the promotional video every evening and just imagined what it would be like to own one. I can still remember the day that VW finally announced they were bringing them to the states. I had my $500 deposit down the very next day. After about a year, seemed like an eternity, my R32 finally made its way to the dealer for delivery.

Having waited a year for the car to arrive I had lots of aftermarket goods just waiting to go on the car. I really wanted to dress up the engine bay and interior a bit and there was nothing on the market that met my needs or high standards. So I had a choice, do without, or make my own. I chose the latter. It is because of you that I have taken the extra steps and made nearly every part I have designed for my car available to you. I have been offering these parts for over 5 years now and have yet to receive a single complaint. Dealing with such a great group of enthusiasts has truly made this a great experience, Thank You.

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Welcome to the new JCaps Online website. We are doing all that we can to provide you with the products and information that you are looking for. JCaps is your online source for Volkswagen and Audi custom goodies. Please check back regularly to see new products as they are introduced.

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JCaps is owned and operated by Jay and Shannon I, like many, have been a VW enthusiast since driving age. I have never owned anything but VWs, until just recent, purchasing my first Audi. We are very dedicated enthusiasts, like many of you. Both my wife and I are mechanical engineers and service all of our own vehicles, even managed to build a few along the way.